How it all started

E-commerce collective is a part of Bonver Logistics AB.
The idea of E-commerce collective was first formed during a lunch meeting discussing how we could provide better service for start-ups and new e-commerce entrepreneurs.
We wanted to provide an alternative for new entrepreneurs so that they could maintain control over their business while providing them with tools

We are part of Bonver Logistics

In 1983 Bonver Videodata was founded and in 2008 the company divided its business and Bonver Logistics was created.
Bonvers history started in distributing rental film but as the market changed and the demand for rental films plummeted Bonver Logistics had to change. Bonver developed and still develops a third party logistics solution that today provides its services to customer such as CAIA Cosmetics, Rituals and many more.

A new solution with young entrepreneurs in focus

We believe that e-commerce logistic solutions are limited for many of today’s entrepreneurs, especially for a business in a start-up phase. Third party logistics solutions may be too rigid; renting your own warehouse can be very costly and running your business from home can leave you unorganized and cluttered. With e-commerce collective we give entrepreneurs an easy to use and scalable solution while providing them with the right equipment needed for them to give their consumers the quality they expect.

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As a company with many years of experience in third party logistics solutions we’ve seen challenges with satisfying our smaller clients. Our TPL-Solution mainly target larger e-commerce business with high order volumes that require streamlined processes. We’ve seen that this might not be the best solutions for entrepreneurs in a start-up phase and therefore wanted to provide an alternative to the more rigid TPL-solutions. We wanted to give entrepreneurs the right tools and give them full control over their distribution so they can give their consumers the quality they expect.

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